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Fitness meets Fun !

The T3 Farm Challenge is the brain child of Danny Thomas, James Ashton, KAtie Ellis and sarah brooks from 2015.

Since then there has been 5 events raising a total of £42.541 for charity.

This is what makes the T3 Farm Challenge different from all the other outdoor challenge events and the what makes the T3 team proud to run the event.


Saturday 15th February

New Site, New Logo, Original Farm, T3 Farm Challenge 2020 goes live !

Saturday 27th May 2019

106 squadron Sheffield and Batley Royal Engineers undertake the T3 Farm Challenge, we welcome them every year to our event, watch the video here!

Sunday 9th February

T3 Farm challenge goes back to it's roots! Securing the original Farm at Crossley Farm in Mirfield for the next 2 years where it all began!

Monday 30th September 2019

T3 Farm Challenge welcome the support of their new sponsor, Craft Union Pubs have agreed to sponsor the T3 Farm challenge for the next 2 years, which also means we are now able to host 2 events a year!

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